Artist Retreat

17th-21st June 2019

5 days with Alex in the Studio is an opportunity for any artists who is looking for time and space to realign with their art.

June 2019

Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st

Start time 9:30

Lunch 1 hour at 1pm

Chat & tea  5pm - 6pm

Finish time 6pm, except on the final evening when we have an exhibition and party time!

What you need to bring

Your strong ideas you wish to pursue and create

You are encouraged you to bring your own brushes or equipment that you enjoy working with to enhance your time and experience.

A list of materials, equipment and tools can be send to you on request.

What you will take away from it
Focused time on all your work & an exhibition.

A greater sense of your creative journey going forward from a place of strength and fellowship.

Note: If you are already clear on the size and scale of the work you are looking to do that is beyond the specified materials provided we invite you to bring what you need to maximise your time with us during the week. Should you want to check that Alex can support your creation please email to discuss. All ideas are welcome it is about working together to support the creation taking place.


I had the pleasure of four days of uninterrupted creativity in Alex’s wonderful barn studio last summer. Set in a huge garden humming with bees and fragrant with a multitude of flowers, the studio is a haven of peace and a treasure trove of artists materials of every type. Three of us worked alongside each other, sometimes taking our work to the garden, every now and then stopping for coffee and exchanging views and suggestions about each other’s work. This was an incredibly stimulating and rewarding collaboration, thanks to which I came back with 12 new works to be completed in my London studio. Given the opportunity I would be back every year to recharge, relax, restore and be creative in that wonderful, inspiring and supportive setting. Highly recommended!”

Who is this Retreat for?

This is for people who are already exploring their creativity and are on a creative journey that they may be questioning. For those who want to find their creative voice, reconnect to their art and wish to push their work to the next level. For someone who is looking for support and nourishment, so creativity can flow, and by being open to new reference points, share in discussions with other artists.
Someone who wants to be in a beautiful environment within the barn studio and garden space and put on a private exhibition to share with friends and family on the final evening.

This is for someone who is committed to their work as an artist and is in need of guidance and an environment to allow their work to flourish further. If you have never picked up a pencil this is not the course for you.

The Course Content

This retreat is a chance to really focus on your creative thinking and work as well as a chance to be playful and experimental. With a guided group experience and daily one on ones in Alex’s Art studio. Here Alex’s job will be to bring the story of your work out into the open and airing it.

In the group, it would be good to be open to being influenced by each other to enjoy working in a group listening and learning from other artists. Each day at 5pm we will stop and give two people from the group 20 minutes to discuss there work and where they are now, going forward.

You are encouraged you to bring your own brushes or equipment that you enjoy working with to enhance your time and experience.
However basic materials, equipment and tools are also provided.

At the end of the week on the final day we will stop at 3pm to prepare space for an exhibition for friends and family. Who will be invited to arrive from 6pm onward. On this day you will present your work for 5-10 min each and share your experience of the week.

Food and drink is pot luck and each of you will bring a dish to share with your guests.

Lunch & all materials and tools are provided including a sketch book.