Christmas Starts Here…


Who is this weekend workshop for?

Anyone who loves Christmas! Come share the studio this Juletide and be playful. This three day workshop is for the ones who love to decorate with hand made things and who like details, oh and using a pair of scissors (a virgo maybe!). All you need is a willingness to listen to christmas music and maybe eat a mince pie!

If you can just imagine the film “How to Make an American quilt,” which begins with the words “For as long as I can remember……” this is basically what we will be up to and if you haven’t seen it go have a watch its great!

13th, 14th, 15th November 2019

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

Start time 9:30

Lunch 1 hour at 12:30pm

Chat & tea  3:30 - 4:30pm

Finish time 4:30 pm

What you need to bring

Yourself and some Christmas cheer and come with an apron. Please bring a recipe which I will put in an anonymous envelop to put in the secret Santa as a gift to each other at the end.

What you will take away from it

20 hand printed Cards and a Set of 10 - 20 Labels (depends of how fast you work)

Danish paper hearts and stars, as well as other Danish style paper cut Christmas decorations.

A new take on the wooden painted Yule man decoration.

A recipe & wonderful new friends who all love Christmas too!

The Course Content

Isn’t it the best to give a handmade gift, card or hang a decoration you know you made with love yourself this year.

We will start the first day with cards, and aim to print from your simple Lino you will make and do up to 20 hand pulled cards, each with an envelope and greeting.

The second day we will move to Christmas decorations for the tree and house and learn the fiddly but satisfying technique of Danish Christmas Paper heart and stars ready to hang on the tree. My marvellous Danish Mother-in Law has taught me these techniques and once mastered never forgotten! My wonderful sister-in-law has even travelled to Denmark to buy the right paper, not just any paper. A true family affair!!

On the third day we will be really on a roll and aim to make a new take on a Yule Man, or Spraelle man, or Jumping Jack figure, a new Mother Christmas painted wooden decoration that will last for years followed by further paper cut techniques.

Lunch & all materials and tools are provided.