An Encounter with Plants & Insects Weekend Workshop


Who is this weekend workshop for?

Are you someone who is interested in the interaction of the natural world such as; Beekeepers, Scientists, Artists, & Gardeners. Anyone who is interested in bringing diversity into their gardens or has outdoor space in their lives be it a window box or patch of land. If you desire to take a dive into the understanding of pollinating insects and flowering plants then you will love this weekend. It is not based at any level and you do not need to have art as a hobby to enjoy it just a willingness to have a go.

8th & 9th June 2019

Start time: 10am

Lunch: 1pm (1 hour)

Tea & Critic: 5pm - 6pm

Finish time: 6pm

What you will take away from it

A deeper understanding of biodiversity and the inter relationship between flowering plants and pollinating insects as well as all the art you make.

The Course Content

Working with real specimens of both insects and plants you will be invited to explore their structure on the inside and out. Using a mini lens to really look getting as close as you can. Once you have looked at an insect or plant you will be invited to draw, paint and make from it.

It is the intention that over the two days you will create a mini sculpture in wire and card.

Other materials we will be working with:

Drawing - charcoal & pencils

Water based paints

Spending some time outdoors drawing in the garden and other time indoors looking through the lens. There will also be a special guest speaker to support any more science led questions that arise during our time together.