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In the Studio

The Studio is a beautiful barn in Bassingbourn Cambridgeshire where she works on her Art, and for the first time she is opening her studio doors to facilitate workshops, retreats and private lessons for anyone who has a curiosity in exploring their creative potential.

Opening her doors three times a year for seasonal workshop

The studio has been converted out of Alex’s original 150 year old threshing barn. Where Alex holds space for other artists and non-artists to explore their creativity and curiosity around plants, insects, painting, printing, drawing and making. With a stunning flower gravel garden outside and even a brass sink in the loo this space is a sacred haven for the restless mind to relax and fall into its natural artistic flow.

This warm and light space was once where the grain of wheat was separated from the stalk. This process of winnowing, ‘to separate the wheat from the chaff’, throwing away the worthless in order to find the kernel is exactly the the energy the barn brings and the space that Alex holds for anyone that enters it.


Insects & Plants

8th & 9th June 2019

Want to know more about insects & plants?

This two-day weekend workshop is all about slowing down and looking. It will be partly outdoors and hands-on experience. Through a lens, you will be given the opportunity to create your own art pieces using paper and wire based on a real plant and insect. This workshop will give you a chance to get a deeper insight into Alex’s work and understand why biodiversity in the garden is so important.

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An Introduction to Printing

1st, 2nd, 3rd November 2019

Ever wanted to learn how to print?

This three-day workshop teaches you how to create a lino and monoprints. Using Alex’s history of art background and her experience of working in museums for the last 25 years this course is inspired by artists throughout history who have used printing in their artwork. A fun and playful activity it is one that anyone can have a go at and will leave you with skills that can be expanded on.

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Christmas Starts Here…

13th,14th,15th November 2019

Do you love Christmas?

Alex invites you to come and create handmade Christmas decorations for the tree and the house. Starting with hand-pulled Christmas cards and labels you will learn how to lino print. Followed by creating the traditional Danish paper hearts technique that will pour love and sparkle into your festive preparations. With mulled wine, Christmas music, and creative cheer this is one not to be missed!